‘MELODY LINES’: A Tool for Effective Communication in Leadership

“…without exception, all [leaders possess] word gifts… More than anything else, they [use] their gifts of communication to lead their people… Having a message doesn’t matter if leaders don’t communicate clearly and motivate others” (Maxwell, 2002).

The currency of effective leadership is communication. It is with this currency the battle of persuasion (which is at the heart of authentic and virtuous leadership) is won or lost. Defiant and compliant leadership brands, on the other hand, depend on coercion and manipulation respectively to get their people to do something. For those operating within these latter brands, edifying communication with motivating words is a non-issue. They will get their way anyhow.

However, authentic and virtuous leadership brands depend principally on persuasion, namely integrity-based messaging that moves people to voluntary action, to achieve great results. That is the essence of ‘melody lines’ in leadership communication.

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What type of leader are you?

The destiny of your life, the institution, community or nation you lead depends on your answer to this question!

The excerpts (links) below will help you with this. They are taken from my recent books, Audacity of Leading Right… and Lead For Life. 

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Journey Towards Virtuous (Transfigurational) Leadership!


Virtuous Leadership

Lead For Life Book Cover







These two new books examine a wide range of issues relating to leadership. In them you’ll find discussions about different brands of leadership and a lead for life agenda, designed to take you to a level higher than transformational leadership.

They illustrate, with global icons, the courage to lead by doing the right thing, in the right way, at the right time, and for the right reasons – on the way to virtuous, nay transfigurational, leadership.

Check them out on the CreateSpace Store, Amazon bookstores, and Kindle Books.

Book descriptions

Audacity of Leading Right: An Odyssey Towards Virtuous Leadership (March, 2015)

How do you convince cynical organisations or nations which have spiraled down under unscrupulous (defiant and compliant) leadership brands that redemption is possible in an increasingly decadent world? Don’t tell them. Show them!

Using a live story, this book shows the essential factors that work together within the authentic and virtuous leadership paradigms to transform and indeed transfigure (beautify) any human entity, including organisations and nations. The plot of the main narrative of the book is located in an educational (university) setting; however, the applicability of its leadership insight is universal.

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What is the scarcest resource in the world today?

Answer: Virtuous Leadership.
Does this surprise you?

Whether it is in the (natural) resource-rich or resource-poor countries, this answer applies. It is not just leadership. The absence of virtuous (character-centred) leadership is most debilitating for the world. That’s why, in my upcoming book – Audacity of Leading Right, I shared in Timothy Clark’s argument that:

[Leadership’s] absence is the pandemic of our time. We don’t need more smart people. We have plenty of those. It’s a poverty of principle we face, a crisis of character… How tragic to leave a landfill when you can leave a legacy.” (The Leadership Test…, 2009).

Today, more than ever before in the history of humankind, the character-centred leadership question has become a matter of keeping a date with destiny. It is the difference maker between compromised destinies and fulfilled destinies. Individuals, organisations, communities or nations that fail to grapple with it, do so at their own peril.

Ordinarily, leadership has an awesome destiny-changing power. Take the example of a thousand lions following a lamb as their arrowhead.  They would always be defeated by only a hundred lambs led by one lion. There is more to this lion metaphor. When it comes to deploying a character-centred leadership so as to post a flourishing destiny in a corrupt world, it is the audacity of a fearless, ferocious and fervent lion that can sustain such deployment.

Our world is already on the brink of collapsing from the crisis of character (ala moral decadence). It’s real leadership time.

What are your thoughts?



Is leadership a job or a calling?

How can you tell if someone holding a ‘leadership’ position is there merely for the job or as a calling?

Check what interest drives him or her. My book, Lead for Life, addresses the types of interest.

No one can lead, let alone lead for life, unless he or she understands and comes into leadership with a strong appreciation and commitment to a healthy sense of interest.

Interest is a kind of powerful, magnetic or pulling force; something one feels he or she is ‘born’ to be and/or to do. This can be selfish or selfless.

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