Journey Towards Virtuous (Transfigurational) Leadership!


Virtuous Leadership

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These two new books examine a wide range of issues relating to leadership. In them you’ll find discussions about different brands of leadership and a lead for life agenda, designed to take you to a level higher than transformational leadership.

They illustrate, with global icons, the courage to lead by doing the right thing, in the right way, at the right time, and for the right reasons – on the way to virtuous, nay transfigurational, leadership.

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Book descriptions

Audacity of Leading Right: An Odyssey Towards Virtuous Leadership (March, 2015)

How do you convince cynical organisations or nations which have spiraled down under unscrupulous (defiant and compliant) leadership brands that redemption is possible in an increasingly decadent world? Don’t tell them. Show them!

Using a live story, this book shows the essential factors that work together within the authentic and virtuous leadership paradigms to transform and indeed transfigure (beautify) any human entity, including organisations and nations. The plot of the main narrative of the book is located in an educational (university) setting; however, the applicability of its leadership insight is universal.

Leadership is destiny. Everything rises, stands, and falls on it; but it is not as confusing, mysterious, or scary as many have held it up to be. You will find in this book discussions of the philosophies, behaviours and outcomes of various leadership paradigms that make the leadership phenomenon more accessible. The book also addresses the ‘calling’ dimension which forms the core of credibility for leading right. It illustrates with concrete examples how a leader can clarify a vision, set the true compass (values and principles) for upright operations, mobilise teams to develop a sense of ownership, get the job done according to specifications, leave lasting marks of global leadership on hearts – not just on sands of time, and then finish well (timely and in honour).

With its down-to-earth portraits, the Audacity of Leading Right will challenge even the cynical or fatalist to embrace a radical redemptive agenda inherent specially in the virtuous leadership brand.

How would you like to aim higher and righter as a transfigurational (beautifying) leader for your organisation or country? Check out this book.

Lead for Life: 7 Essentials For Upright & High-Impact Leadership (April, 2015)

Why leave death in your trail when you can post a flourishing destiny for individuals, organisations or nations that you lead? To achieve the latter, especially in the corrupt world of today, we must look beyond the general leadership phenomenon. We must strategically seek those features that manifest upright discipline, dedication, and determination about a cause that goes far beyond our selfish interests and touches many lives positively. This is the lead for life agenda that I set out in this book.

If ever the world needed anything fundamental, with the ongoing challenging moral and resource circumstances, it is this agenda and it is now. This book beams a searchlight on this most crucial issue for our century and seeks to arm all of us with those essentials that can position us to shift the pandemic of leadership failure around. Why wouldn’t you enlist in this agenda?

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