‘MELODY LINES’: A Tool for Effective Communication in Leadership

“…without exception, all [leaders possess] word gifts… More than anything else, they [use] their gifts of communication to lead their people… Having a message doesn’t matter if leaders don’t communicate clearly and motivate others” (Maxwell, 2002).

The currency of effective leadership is communication. It is with this currency the battle of persuasion (which is at the heart of authentic and virtuous leadership) is won or lost. Defiant and compliant leadership brands, on the other hand, depend on coercion and manipulation respectively to get their people to do something. For those operating within these latter brands, edifying communication with motivating words is a non-issue. They will get their way anyhow.

However, authentic and virtuous leadership brands depend principally on persuasion, namely integrity-based messaging that moves people to voluntary action, to achieve great results. That is the essence of ‘melody lines’ in leadership communication.

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