We train to help you develop the Virtuous Leadership Personality, resting on four pillars:

  • Calling

    • We train, using international educative frameworks, to cultivate or raise the calling – purpose, conscience and attitude – of leadership
  • Character

    • We train, using customised solutions, to lift the character – values, virtues, vistas and altitude – of leadership in terms of credibility, exemplary actions and attainments.
  • Competence

    • We train, using innovative action learning strategies, to build or improve the competencies – capacity, skills, knowledge and aptitude – of leadership
  • Consequence

    • We train, using model leaders of local and international standing in order to broaden your horizons and enlarge your focus on results, legacies and finishing well.
You, your organisation, your community, your government, and the nation can do far better than is happening right now. The key lies in developing yourself within authentic and virtuous influence brands.
We hold this to be truth that:
  • You are how you lead yourself.
  • Your organisation’s business growth and buoyancy are tied to the quality of its leadership.
  • Your community’s health and level of development reflect the leadership driving the agenda.
  • A high-performance government is the envy of all – leadership makes this a reality or a mirage.
  • Every nation’s security and prosperity are the creation of the leaders that pilot the affairs of that nation.

 We offer:

  • Outstanding and engaging delivery by seasoned and experienced resource persons, drawing on the latest in leadership innovations
  • Passionate discourses about leadership, using inspiring, motivational and focussed styles
  • Attentiveness to the specifics (culture, company values, directions, etc) of clients to help with strategic repositioning
  • Strong, supportive, collegiate and networking culture to foster development and business improvement
  • Release of elite performing leaders among individuals, organisations, communities and nations
  • Resilience for sustainable governance and development in all situations.

We customise to meet your specific needs, along with any of our existing programmes with several modules which may be suitable to your situations. These programmes/modules include:

  1. Leadership development

  • Executive Leadership in the 21st Century
  • Cultivating Leadership character
  • Leading Strategic Change
  • Cultural Intelligence for Effective Leadership
  • Transition from Management to Leadership
  • High Performance Leadership Strategies
  • Youth/Community Engagement and Leadership Programs
  • Leading for Development (Inclusive growth and change)
  • Technology-Driven Leadership
  • Coaching for High-Impact Leadership
  • Leadership Wellbeing (Personal Health Management)
  1. Management training

  • Organizational surveys and diagnostics
  • Value Re-orientation for Public & Private sector Managers
  • Organization Health and Corporate Re-engineering
  • Managing Change and Innovation
  • Talent Management and Succession Planning
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution for Managers
  • Local/International representation and negotiations
  • Research and Diagnosis on Socio-Economic and Political issues
  • Excellent Team Building for Peak Performance
  • Effective human and material resources management
  • Strategic Management and Productivity
  • Policy/Project development, monitoring and evaluation
  • Executive Time Redemption and Stress Management
  • Financial Management for Non-finance Officers
  • Management for Local Government Council Secretaries
  1. Policy and Legislative Services

  • Policy Formulation
  • Policy Analysis and Evaluation
  • Legislative Process Management
  • Socio-Legal Analysis
  1. Safety and Security

  • Crime prevention and restorative justice leadership
  • Criminal Justice leadership in the 21st Century
  • Cultural Intelligence in Security
  • Personal/Community safety and National security
  • Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental management
  • Global and Regional Security
  • Security Supervisors Competencies
  • Emerging security technologies (Personal and Corporate)
  • Managing Security Risks in Organizations
  1. Professional Skills Development

  • Growing Entrepreneurs and Intrepreneurs
  • Work Ethics and Attitudinal Change for Higher Productivity
  • Modern Office Management for Secretaries/Personal Assistants
  • Management for Administrative and Human Resource Officers
  • Strategic Warehousing and Stores Management
  • Leadership for Industrial Peace and Organizational Success
  • Supervisory Management Competencies