What type of leader are you?

The destiny of your life, the institution, community or nation you lead depends on your answer to this question!

The excerpts (links) below will help you with this. They are taken from my recent books, Audacity of Leading Right… and Lead For Life. 

You can access them by completing GET EMPOWERED FORM on this page for passwords.

Omaji Audacity of Leading Right excerpt
Omaji Lead For Life Excerpts

Author: Professor Paul Omojo Omaji

Paul Omojo Omaji is a Professor of Criminology and Vice Chancellor Emeritus. He trained in Sociology, Criminology, and Law in Nigeria and Australia. He has researched, published and lectured in these fields for about 30 years across Nigeria, Australia, Singapore, India, South Africa, the US, Canada and Sweden. Professor Omaji has had over 40 years of community and professional leadership experiences. These include senior executive positions in Australian Government public service and as an official at all levels in the university system, culminating in his appointment as a pioneer Vice Chancellor of a private University. Professor Omaji is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Omaji Leadership Solutions and the Virtuous Leaders Development Network.

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